Things That Have Changed My LIfe

I feel like an asshole for posting something so dumb just after my  “Say Something” post, but I’m still getting the hang of writing on a regular posting schedule, so at this point I’m going for quantity not quality. 

When I shared my riveting feature about Fashion Sneakers, I was inspired to write about all the other things that have changed my life. At least one person hinted at agreement, and this post was born.

Superficial Things That Have Changed My Life

Egg Eggwich Microwave Egg Cooker

Easy Sandwich Egg Cooker


When I was laid off, I ate scrambled eggs every single day. As everyone recommends, I treated finding a job like a full-time job. I got up on time, scrambled up some eggs and then followed a set schedule of job hunting, resume tweaking, cover letter writing, applying and HGTV watching.  Once I got my job, I was deathly afraid that I’d have to go to work every day without my eggs.

Crowd-sourcing help for my egg addiction. My egg'diction?

Crowdsourcing help for my egg addiction. My egg’diction?

I pinned all types of make-ahead-egg recipes, but eventually realized that all I had to do was get up, say, eight minutes earlier and I could have all the eggs I could shove in my cake hole.  That worked well for a while, but I also enjoy a portable breakfast sandwich. When I stumbled upon this in the CVS on the shelf from “as seen on TV”, I rolled the dice.


With cheese and turkey sausage!

The verdict: Amazing! Now I have a solid, protein-filled breakfast on the go every day.  Look how delish! Easy to clean up, easy to make and super healthful (especially if you use a whole wheat English muffin which I never do because gross.)

Spray Lotion

I have been blessed with oily skin. And I say blessed because although it sucks quite a bit on the attractiveness scale, I’m never dry and scaly, and I don’t have a lot of wrinkles. (Big ups to sunscreen, tho.)  But at some point I realized that if I use lotion every day, my skin actually becomes less oily as it no longer feels the need to produce as much since the lotion has stepped in to hydrate. It took a while to really understand because lotion and I don’t really get along, though.  A very thick emollient* will literally lather on my skin and stay there until I wipe it off with a paper towel. I need something thinner and spray-ier.

Lotion that sprays

Verdict: Spray lotion is great! Goes on nicely, absorbs quickly and actually hydrates well, at least for my skin.

*excellent band name, btw.  Now headlining! Very Thick Emollient!

Fashion Sneakers:

Y’all already know how I feel about these.

Coconut Oil:

I use it everywhere. I put it in scrambled eggs, (and a lot of other cooking), I keep a little ramekin of it on the end table so I can slather it on my skin in the evening.  I tap it gently on my crow’s feet.  I also make a hair mask about once a month.  In addition to oily skin, I also have oily hair (thanks so much, genetics!), so I have to wash it every day, but that means that the ends of my hair can get dry. So every few weeks, I massage coconut oil into my hair, tie it up into a bun, leave it for a few hours and then shampoo it out as usual.

I’m *thisclose* to trying a “no ‘poo” lifestyle. 18 hours after a shower my hair is very oily, flat and holds no style. It’s also oily. And greasy.  I really want to see what my hair would feel and look like by using a baking soda rinse or a detergent-free shampoo. Will it stop producing as much oil? This “no ‘poo” experiment will not be pretty, but I really want to try it. Alas, I digress.

Verdict: Coconut oil. I can’t quit you.

So there you have it. There were a few others that made the list, but I’m making a concerted effort not to dumb down this blog.  What superficial stuff has changed your life?

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